Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Scribes ebuild

There is a new slim Scribes ebuild in my overlay and also on the gentoo bugtracker.
I've killed lots of dependencies, namely the whole gnome-desktop dependency, and the ebuild is pulling only into the really needed packages now.

For all who were afraid of using it because of the ~70+ packages which had to be emerged for it.. this is your chance. Get your hands on the simple, slim and sleek, yet powerful editor Scribes.

Oh, just to mention it.. I really don't know if scribes will work for you with those less dependencies. It does it for me, so just give it a try ^^

Home of Scribes
Bugreport on gentoo bugtracker


  1. Héllo,

    I did not try this ebuild already, but I assume there will be the same problem with the one in portage since Scribes rely on gnome infrastrcture/runtime to run more than gedit and I'm not using gnome. Do you have a solution for me ?

  2. The version in portage doesn't even compile anymore. The only gnome dependencies are gnome-base/gconf and app-text/gnome-doc-utils. Scribes is running fine here in awesome wm and I've used also it in fluxbox already without any problems. I even haven't set the global gnome useflag and scribes is still working. It's also working in XFCE, at least some guy on the bugtracker reported it as working.
    The ebuild is maintained in belak overlay now. Just do and 'layman -a belak' and give it a try ^^