Saturday, October 29, 2011

~pokes the blog~

Hey hey..

I'm kind of back again after moving closer to university.
It took almost a month to get inet here and a whole day to bring my Gentoo box up to date again >.<

All updates went surprisingly pretty smooth. Only Oracles jdk annoys a little. I think I'll switch to icedtea o.O
I've seen that gtk3 isn't going well with qtconfig and gtkstyle, though. Or better, I guess gtk3 is the issue. I hope I'll find a workaround for that in the next days. Soo for all who really really need gtkstyle in qt, don't set the gtk3 useflag yet ^^

What else to say uhm.. oh, there will be an additional topic in this blog soon. I've got an Android phone.. yay for that ^_^

And for all of you guys who are alone at home at a Saturday night.. the cutest Caramelldansen vid I've ever seen.. she's sooo cheery ^^

Yes yes.. don't worry guys.. my next posts will be more serious again.. soo stay tuned~ ^^

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