Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Acer Aspire 5755G - 10 - Internet and wlan

Android tethering:

Tethering works out of the box, it also fetches an IP via DHCP during boot when you enable tethering on your phone.

Ethernet and Wireless:

First of all we need to create two new init scripts, one for ethernet and one for wireless. cd /etc/init.d cp net.lo net.eth0 cp net.lo net.wlan0

I'm using wicd for managing my connections. emerge wicd rc-update add wicd default

We do not want to hotplug the net.eth0 and net.wlan0 services. Edit /etc/rc.conf and uncomment rc_hostplug. nano /etc/rc.conf # rc_hotplug is a list of services that we allow to be hotplugged. # By default we do not allow hotplugging. # A hotplugged service is one started by a dynamic dev manager when a matching # hardware device is found. # This service is intrinsically included in the boot runlevel. # To disable services, prefix with a ! # Example - rc_hotplug="net.wlan !net.*" # This allows net.wlan and any service not matching net.* to be plugged. # Example - rc_hotplug="*" # This allows all services to be hotplugged rc_hotplug="net.lo !net.*"

That's actually all we need for now.

Remember to set it up after reboot. You can easily do it with the wicd-curses interface.
Press "P" (yes, capitalized) to get into the preferences and alter the Wireless Interface Setting to wlan0, then press F10 to save the settings.
It should scan for available networks as soon as you did this. Choose your network with the cursor keys up and down, then hit cursor key right to configure it.

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