Monday, April 30, 2012

Android and USB Tethering v2

I've cleanup my kernel settings for using USB tethering with Android.
There aren't many modules needed to make it work.

Also DHCP is fetching an IP as soon as you enable tethering on your phone when you don't manage your connections with wicd or another client.

The following modules are needed in your kernel: -> Device Drivers -> Network device support -> USB Network Adapters <*> Multi-purpose USB Networking Framework -*- CDC Ethernet support (smart devices such as cable modems) <*> Host for RNDIS and ActiveSync devices (EXPERIMENTAL)
That's actually all you need. You can also build them as modules.

To use tethering with wicd, change your wired device in wicd settings from eth0 to usb0.

If your dhcpcd doesn't fetch an IP, use the following command: dhcpcd usb0

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  1. Thanks, Lia, from a fellow gentoo user, for posting this! I am happy I stumbled upon the post of someone who actually seems to have a CLUE. Lots of people have posted unnecessary kernel settings for this (even gentoo wiki's "Android USB Tethering" article!). But you have honed in on exactly what is required. Much appreciated.
    --Harry Toigo