Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Some of you might know this gesture addon for Firefox which allows you to control Firefox just be using the mouse. Easystroke brings this feature to your normal desktop.

I was a little skeptical about how productive it is and if keyboard shortcuts aren't still faster than doing funny gestures with your mouse. But after a month of using it, it turns out that Easystroke is a really handy tool which adds more accessibility to your desktop. It also has a great support for Wacom tablets.

Easystroke is really easy to setup and use. It comes with a GTK+ setup tool which allows you to freely define any gesture you want either as global gesture or gestures which are bound to a single application.

There is an ebuild on the Gentoo Bug Tracker for the most recent version.
I've also put it into my overlay which can easily be added to layman. I'm trying to keep it up to date.

Easystroke on Gentoo Bug Tracker
My overlay

For all who are looking for an ebuild.. read this.

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