Saturday, November 6, 2010

MPD and scrobbling

Important: This HowTo is out of date since scrobby isn't in portage anymore. Use this guide for mpdscribble.

Some MPD frontends have the scrobbler built in already, but what can we do if we use a player which can't scrobble on its own?

I've started to use ncmpcpp today which can fetch several informations from but isn't able to scrobble. Not a big deal.. there are some nice tools which are able to do that job and one of them is scrobby.

Since I'm running MPD as my own user I have to start scrobby as my user too.

First of all the install:

emerge scrobby -avq

Then copying the config to your home:

mkdir -p ~/.config/scrobby
cp /etc/scrobby.conf ~/.config/scrobby/scrobby.conf

Now some edits in the config:

dedicated_user = "<your user>"
log_level = "info" (none/info/verbose)
log_file = "~/.config/scrobby/scrobby.log"
pid_file = "~/.config/scrobby/"
cache_file = "~/.config/scrobby/scrobby.cache"

lastfm_user = "<lastfm user>"
lastfm_password = "<lastfm password>"

Everything else is commented out.

Finally start scrobby:

scrobby ~/.config/scrobby/scrobby.conf

I've put this command into my Openbox so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Some Links:
home of ncmpcpp
home of scrobby

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