Monday, November 1, 2010

Jack and the LADI overlay

The LADI overlay provides a great set of tools for jack and lash. It is managing your settings in studios and let you save and load different jack settings. The important tools from the overlay are ladish and laditools.

The laditools are containing several utilities. Here's the list quoted from the blog of the ladi creator MarcO'Chapeau:

The laditools python module (no interest for the end users)
laditray : a system tray icon that allows you to start, stop and monitor JACK, as well as start some JACK related apps (log viewer, connections...)
wmladi : a controller as a Window Maker dockapp. Uses the same menu as laditray
ladilog : a JACK, LASH and a2jmidid log viewer
ladiconf : a GUI to setup JACK's configuration
g15ladi : a JACK monitor for g15 keyboards

You can add the ladi-overlay to layman:

layman -o -f -a ladi

Build the laditools:

emerge laditools -avq

There's also a rewrite of lash in the overlay called ladish. It is replacing the lashlibs but it turns out that you run into some file collision if you install ladish and a tool is pulling into lash.

Here's a small workaround to install both package to allow tools like ardour to use lash:

a) Add the useflag lash to your /etc/make.conf
b) Build lash with the oneshot emerge option:

emerge lash -1avq

c) Delete the lash libs from /usr/lib64:

rm /usr/lib64/
rm /usr/lib64/pkgconfig/lash-1.0.pc
rm /usr/lib64/
rm /usr/lib64/

d) Build ladish:

emerge ladish -avq

If you want to add laditray to your autostart add this line to ~/.config/openbox/

laditray &

But be warned it will start Jack automatically and will take control over your devices until you stop the studio. It's better to start laditray from menu if you use Pulseaudio for listening to music and systemsounds and Jack only as realtime soundserver for music composition.

Some interessting Links:
Home of LADI

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